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u: i dont like ur favorite character
me: ok cool ur opinion. 100%. this respect.
me irl: wtf the fuck..............

i posted this on twitter but i feel like everyone here can benefit from it


i posted this on twitter but i feel like everyone here can benefit from it



hello!! i know im not a particularly known artist, but im hoping this will be of some help. a friend of mine, Lee, is going through a hard time right now, so im opening up emergency commissions for them. 

i will draw pretty much anything. NSFW, gore, fanart, OCs, whatever. i can draw furries as well! the only ones i may decline are those that make me feel uncomfortable for whatever reason.

at this time, i do have a to do list of previous commissions, so all i ask is that if you commission me, please be patient! ill also be asking for money up front in this particular case. (if youre not comfortable with that contact me and we can work something out) slots are currently unlimited. 

send inquiries and all to blackscarves@hotmail.com or note me on deviantart please!! all payments are through paypal.

You’re actually the kindest human being on the planet. I have no idea how to eve begin to thank you, man. 

In need of some urgent help.


As cliche as this sounds— I typically wouldn’t do this, but I really need the help of my followers and anyone who catches onto this post.

Recently, my mom’s been very ill. Now before I get into that, you all need to know how awesome my mother is. Not only is she the toughest, strongest and most diligent woman I’ve ever known, but she raised four children under a single parent roof while self-employed on the poverty line, escaped terrifying domestic abuse, survived the death of her second oldest son only four years ago, consequently adopted her newborn grandson, and has spent her entire life providing for me and my three other siblings. Since she was seventeen-years-old her existence has been purely self-sacrificial to a concerning extent, and I know for a fact she constantly worries that when she’s gone she’ll have left nothing for us. As if giving us a huge chunk of her life isn’t enough.

So, see that’s the thing. My mom has stood by me through coming out about my queer identity, shouldering the burden of me coming home from my first dream school after being sexually assaulted, and supported me while I got my GPA up at community college so that I could transfer into another great school. She herself encouraged me to apply to a school I thought I could never get into and even promised to cover the remaining balance of my tuition if I was able to cover most of it through loans and scholarships. Incredibly, I got in and have covered almost all of the finances

But again, she’s been ill. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and at first we thought it was a small tumor, but today she came back from her PET scan overview and the cancer has spread to her clavicles, left femur and various places throughout her bones. My mom was told she has maybe five years left with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I honestly couldn’t be more devastated. The idea of losing her is a shot straight through the heart. I seriously have no one else. As optimistic as we’re trying to be, it’s still harrowing. To add to the damage, not only is she not letting me take a semester off, but she still wants to cover the remaining balance of my tuition, which is about $4000 dollars.

To my name right now I have about $1500, which is meant for books, a phone bill, car insurance and basic expenses until I can get a job. I cannot fathom putting anymore pressure on my mom right now. It’s bad enough I’m going to be 2 hours away while she’s going through treatment with an autistic four-year-old and demanding fourteen-year-old at home, but she’s going to need to preserve her finances while going back and forth to the cancer center and taking a long leave from work. I think it’s obvious what I’m getting at here. I know it would mean the world to my mom to see me able to go to school without stressing over an added $400 a month or at least a lowered payment. At this point I just want her to be excited about bragging rights and see one of her four kids graduate college.

I’m putting a donation button on my blog. Normally I would offer to do commissions, but I have no time (my oldest brother is rushing to get married and we’ve been slammed by that). My move in day is on August 21st, but I can’t move in until I have a final balance amount finalized and payment plan set up. At this point anything would help lift some weight off her shoulders. If you can manage it, please donate. If you can’t, please send my mother positive energy and reblog for others to see. That would mean everything to me right now.

is that girl a transfer student?